Lord Huron – Their Music Tastes Good.

I have a wide range of musical tastes, hip hop, shoegaze (a sub genre of alternative rock), rock, R&B, folk (yes folk), electronic. As long as it’s melodious and transports my mind elsewhere I’m into it. 

While trolling the 9:30 Club site to see which upcoming concerts I should drag one of my unsuspecting friends to, I came across Lord Huron. I looked up their music and let me say they are a wonderful, whimsical mix of indie folk, and to ME, they have an M83 like shoegazing appeal. And, since y’all don’t know, M83 is definitely my favorite band, ever. So there, a little about me.

Anyway! I know I’m on the late bus about this group but maybe, just maybe you are too. Check out “Lonesome Dreams” by Lord Huron above. 


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