Going Meatless for February

So, this site officially launches on Monday! Yay! Launching it with tons of new content, exclusives etc. for your millenial minds to consume. But I digress.

Happy Black History Month y’all! The one month that our (I am Black) history gets officially recognized and celebrated. I’m personally a card carrying Black history buff, so any chance I get to infuse our past in the present, I do it. Now on to the title of this post.

I decided that I’m going to go meatless for February. Not because of some diet scheme, or desire to be more Bey-like, but because I genuinely feel lighter, don’t have heartburn (and I’ve had chronic heartburn since I was about 11,) and sleep better the less animal protein I consume. Did you know iconic Blacks in history like Angela Davis, B.B. King and Dick Gregory to name a few weren’t and aren’t carnivorous? Ms. Davis is like, my idol, so, there’s more incentive, lol. 

I’ll try as hard as I can to share some of my favorite recipes from my vegetarian experience with you guys, so that if you try to cut the meat from your life like I am, you’ll have a reference. Here’s what I had for break this morning: 

Angelhopper Shake (Instead of grasshopper, hehe) 

1 cup Silk Vanilla Almond Milk (unsweetened)
1 cup real full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup mint tea 
1 tablespoon cacao powder (unsweetened)
1 scoop of SPIRU-TEIN chocolate protein powder
3 cups organic baby spinach
1 teaspoon Super Chlorophyll Powder
1 teaspoon Spirulina Powder
5 cubes of ice 

Just blend the ingredients up in a blender or Vitamix (which is what I use) and enjoy! If you don’t like the taste of chocolate, this probably isn’t for you. But trust me, it tastes just like a milkshake except the only fat you’re getting is the good kind from the coconut milk. All in all, this shake has about 250 calories per serving. By the way, you don’t have to use the name brands that I did, I just prefer those, like the SPIRU-TEIN protein powder because it’s GMO and gluten free, and it’s organic. 

Egg White Egg Scramble

1/2 cup organic egg whites
1 1/2 cup organic baby spinach
3 roma tomatoes
1/4 cup Galaxy Nutritional Veggie Cheese 
2 garlic cloves, peeled
Spices – basil, rosemary, pepper, chili powder, salt-free Adobo powder

So yes, some vegetarians eat eggs, some don’t. I am one who is until I find an acceptable egg white substitute that I like (leave any suggestions in the comments please). Mix the egg whites with the spices, peeled and chopped garlic cloves and set it aside. You’ll need two frying pans for this. In your first frying pan take a little olive oil to season the pan, then add the spinach, and chopped roma tomatoes to sauté. In the other pan, pour the egg white mix into it, scramble them up, and then add the sautéed veggies to the egg whites. Finally, mix in the veggie cheese until the scramble is to your desire done-ness. I know this isn’t a word haha. There you have it! 

That was my breakfast. I’m SO full from all of the veggies etc. What I like about this breakfast is the lack of salt, and the tons of greens that I get to give me sustained energy through the morning.

Let me know if you try it, and how you liked it!

– Angel 

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