Wanderlust of the Week: Adrére Amellal, Egypt

 A glorious oasis from another era, situated in a white limestone mountain, located in Siwa, one of the world’s most remote desert locations is Adrere Amellal. The Egyptian eco-hotel has no electricity and no telephones, and while this seems like punishment to some urbanites, a social media and electronic disconnect is sometimes VERY necessary and therapeutic. Unplug folks! 

Not only is the hotel made out of kershef, a mixture of earth, stone and salt water, but the furniture is made out of the same, covered with luxe cushions and linens. You’ll find that the hotel restaurant’s food is all organic, grown on the grounds in a simple garden. Relax in Adrere Amellal’s spa and spring water pool, while you watch Africa’s blazing sun set in the east. Your room is romantically lit with candles and lanterns, with rooms that feature an unobstructed view of a night sky, constellations hanging above you. 

This unique eco-luxury isn’t everyone’s style, but for adventurous, this place is paradise. 

– The Angel Era Staff


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