• The Essential Overnight Bag

    The Overnight Bag Essentials

    I personally, have the tendency to overpack. Even if I know I’m only going somewhere overnight, you will find me mulling over outfits, shoes, accessories and various and sundries for hours. This, is a problem, and since I’m only going somewhere literally for a day, a night, and some portion of the following day, I’ve decided to have it down to a science. Packing shouldn’t take that long.

    I though maybe you ladies might encounter the same dilemma. So in the spirit of womanly-time-saving, I’ve decided to help a sister out. Above is basically what you find in my overnight bag, and here’s a list of what you can put in your own:


    • A dress, or skirt
    • Simple (But hot) nude or black heels
    • A white tee (You’ll often find me rockin’ a tee and leather skirt or heels)
    • A hoodie
    • A warm jacket
    • Leggings, or jeans in a neutral color (I always have black or leather because you know, I’m gothic and shit) 
    • Relatively small sneakers (Like Converse
    • Pajamas (A compact pair) 
    • I don’t have to tell you a change of uh, under essentials, right? :-/ 
    • Sunglasses
    • Jewelry that will go with whatever outfits you brought


    Other Essentials: 

    • CHARGER (Yes, folks often forget this)
    • iPad (I keep mine with me, because if I’m not going somewhere for business it’s like a mini laptop just in case)
    • A book
    • Beats (Or, whatever headphones you use)

    That’s it! I hope this list saves you a little time when you’re in a rush to pack for an overnighter. Whether you’re visiting a boo, on a business trip, or just need to get away, these are the essentials. Some modifications here and there should help you pack perfect.

    – Angel


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    1. Lu Pew
      February 25, 2014 / 3:39 pm

      I tend to overpack too – like five "just in case" outfits for one day! I think the packing neutral, versatile items is a great idea!

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