Witnessing the Evolution of Egypt

When you think of Egypt, images of hauntingly-huge pyramids, sweeping deserts, grandiose sphinx and history comes to mind. Although this is the romanticized, tourist version of this place; egypt is a country in evolution. Since the Lotus Revolution of 2011, where the Egyptian people held marches, demonstrations, plaza occupations, non-violent civil resistance, and labor strikes, the country has been in constant flux. Millions of protestors from every socio-economic background demanded the resignation of then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his regime. The people decided that they would no longer stand for the elitist status quo, they’ll be in control of their destiny. Cairo was a veritable war-zone. Eight hundred forty-six people were killed, and 100,000 injured. Although Mubarak eventually stepped down, and appointed others in his stead, the country is still experiencing unrest. And rightfully so. 

Egypt’s interim, army-backed government has stepped down as of yesterday, Monday, February 24, leaving a country in further limbo that’s been fighting for a new political identity for three years. In the wake of this recent development, I decided to post some images of the revolution. These folks are brave. Fighting with their lives for the freedom and independence that they believe in. 

What will you fight for? 

– Angel 


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