#ALittleTrick: Smoothie Prep for the Week

Lately, I haven’t been working out, eating like I should. Let’s call it happy complacency. But last week, I got the fire under my butt and decided that there’s no time like the present to get back in the gym, and go back to my healthy eating habits. How many times have you said that you’re going to go on a diet, and then failed two days later ladies and gents? I’ve found the best way to circumvent the diet flip flop is meal prep, and prayer. Let me share #alittletrick that helps me get through the week.

I drink a protein shake in the morning, and post-workout. To cut down on the time it takes me to make my smoothies, (and really the laziness that can accompany the thought of cutting fruit) I make twelve bags of smoothie produce. That’s two per day, for Monday through Saturday. 

Grocery List: 
– A bag of raw almonds
– A bushel (about six) bananas
– Two containers of strawberries (or a large Costco size one) 
– Four containers of blueberries
– Four containers of raspberries
– Four containers of blackberries
– A large container of spinach
– A large container of kale
– A bag of green apples
– A bag of chia seeds

And whatever else you want to include in your smoothies. I tend to stick to these because they’re generally low in sugar, high in fiber, and colorful berries are high in antioxidants. I then cut up flavor combinations, like all berries, strawberry banana, all greens (spinach, kale, apple), I then throw in the raw almonds and chia seeds for fiber and healthy fat. After that, I freeze ’em, and in the morning, pop in the Vitamix along with my favorite protein, which happens to be Isoburn Protein Powder. Check out some of my combos below.

– Angel


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  1. September 26, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Love this Angel I need to adapt these since I have no appetite and desire to eat. Parthenia ❤

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