3 Mindful Plants to Grow at Home

The weather is heating up pretty much everywhere, and while our cabin fever is at full FOMO because of the stay at home orders all across the country, there is a way to bring a little bit of outside in. Have you ever thought about starting an indoor plant jungle? While this may seem like the hobby you remember your aunties, and grandmas engaging in when you were little — just know they were definitely on to something. Taking care of an indoor plant could be the most mindful thing you do. While caring for them, you’re compelled to be completely mindful, completely engaged in that moment. Your mind can’t wander, because you’re focused on keeping your plant alive, and thriving, in that moment. Taking care of plants is also a compassionate act — and compassion signals our parasympathetic nervous system to kick in, and send those feel-good endorphins to your brain. Talk about a natural high. 🙂 Below, are three plants for beginners, that you can take care of, will bring the outside into your space, and, bring you mindful peace, and joy along the way.

As always, let me know how it goes.

Calathea Freddie

Calathea FreddieI love calatheas, and while some of them are tricky to take care of, the Calathea Concinna Freddie is actually a breeze, if you give her what she wants. They’re natively found on tropical forest floors, so they like partial shade, and dappled sunlight. Their gorgeous striped leaves make them a perfect addition to any home.

Light: Indirect sunlight or partial shade.
Soil: Well drained potting soil.
Water: Allow top layer of soil to dry between watering.
Humidity: Consider a small humidifier, mister, or a humidity pebble tray.
Temperature: 65°F-80°F.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf PhiloWhat I love about Philodendrons? Their little heart-shaped leaves vine and grow long (up to ten feet in fact!), and add a beautifully dramatic accent to any home. They look tropical and gorgeous. The Philodendron hederaceum is an evergreen perennial vine, and can be natively found in tropical America. It’s reputation as one of the easiest houseplants to care for proceeds itself. Another benefit of these little loves? They filter toxins from the air.

Light: Bright indirect sunlight, tolerates low light. No direct sunlight — will burn the leaves.
Soil: Well drained potting soil.
Water: Allow soil to dry half way down before watering. The soil’s surface should be dry to the finger touch.
Humidity: This plant isn’t particularly picky about humidity, but the leaves will grow larger and faster with some.
Temperature: 65°F-75°F.

Silver Satin Pothos

Silver PothosThis plant adds an exotic, and mysterious touch to your indoor plant collection, or if it’s your first, can make you feel enamored with the gorgeous beauty of adding green to your space. The Scindapsus pictus ‘Argyraeus’ under the best conditions, will grow and cascade, and this plant can also be found natively on the tropical forest floor.

Light: Indirect sunlight, tolerates low light, but will lose it’s distinctive markings.
Soil: Well drained potting soil.
Water: Allow soil to dry about an inch down before watering. These plants do NOT like to be soggy, but the soil should be kept moist. Does that make sense?
Humidity: This plant likes humidity, ideally you could use a pebble tray or a humidifier (cool air!) to keep it happy.
Temperature: 65°F-85°F.




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