Admit When You Suck at Something


Let’s keep this short and sweet. I have a confession: I suck at blogging. Not the writing part, I’ve got that down pat. The daily blogging of it all. This little blog, and travel, they’re my passions, so I’ve got to treat them better. I was reading a post by Ty Alexander, a.k.a and b.k.a, and she gave great advice about nurturing your relationship with your readers, and them being able to trust you for content. I’ve been like a bad boyfriend to y’all, inconsistent at best. Personal setbacks, being busy with my career, a new love (that I’m SO in love with), no of them are excuses, but they are reasons.

But I promise, from now on, to be bae. You’ll get sick of the constant content I bring to you. Travel, beauty, personal anecdotes, advice (as much as I can muster). My birthday is this Saturday, and my boyfriend and I are going on a road trip up to Utah. First we’ll stop off at the Grand Canyon, then we’ll swing through Page, AZ to see the gorgeous slot canyon – Antelope Canyons, then spend the night in Monument Valley, we’ll then head to Hatch, UT, right in the backyard of Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Can’t wait to take you guys along with us!

Hatch Trip on Roadtrippers




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