Katikies Hotel in Santorini, Greece

Found in the gorgeous village of Oia in Santorini rests Katikies Hotel; a stunning hideaway located 100 meters above the incandescent Caldera of Santorini. Just so y’all know, a caldera is a body of water that has been formed inside a hole made by the collapse of land following a volcanic eruption. Don’t worry, this one is long extinct. Nerd moment over.

Boasting two award winning infinity pools, an amazing hot tub nestled inside a finished cave, three restaurants and caldera-view suites with all-white every-thang decor, this is what heaven must look like. Katikies is built in the traditional Greek Cycladic style, with walls made of white clay, wooden bridges and olive trees. Some of the suites open out to a gorgeous panoramic view of the Caldera Cliffs and the Aegean sea, with an open-air jacuzzi, dining room and bathroom.

Listen, all that aside, just know, you have to go. Don’t be afraid to drool over the pictures above, they’re certainly thirst worthy. Let me know if you go!


– Angel

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