Take the Hike: The Bay of Fundy Trail

Oh Canada, we Americans have yet another reason to be jealous of you – besides your great healthcare, level headed-leader, and poutine fries. But the beautiful, bucolic, hundreds of thousands of hiking trails you have are awe inspiring, and take the cake.

Lucky for us yankees, at least we’re on the same continent as you. For this edition of Take the Hike, I present to you – the Bay of Fundy. The trail, located in New Brunswick, Canada takes you through primordial forests, wet lands, heights 820 feet above sea level and of course through the gorgeous Bay of Fundy.

You’ll be in for a challenge as you follow The Fundy Footpath starting from the suspension bridge at Big Salmon River, hugging the coastline of Fundy National Park for 24 miles. At some point you’ll reach the famous Hopewell Rocks. At low-tide you can walk the path along the beach that meets them, at high tide, grab a canoe! If you’re not feeling the lengthy trek, you can always enter from different access points to shorten your hike. This hike is rated challenging, and I suggest your bring the following:

Of course this is all if you’re planning to trek the entire 3 – 4 day, 24 mile hike, and 3 – 4 days is assuming you make the tides at Goose River and Goose Creek. If you just plan on hiking a segment, you can adjust this list accordingly. By the way, you must get a Fundy Trail Pass to hike this trail. Guess they don’t want another Supertramp happening on their Canadian watch. For more info, visit HERE.

Happy hiking, and as always, let me know if you go.

– Angel 


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