Issa Vibe: A Healing Playlist

By this time, we’ve all been socially distancing for a month, more for some (I’m a low key germaphobe so, I’ve been in since I got back from my honeymoon at the end of February). We’ve all been doing our best to stay busy, stay fit, and hopefully, stay mindful. And while we all have so much gratitude for this present moment, the ability to slow down, bask in the energy of our family and pets, practice a little self-care, sometimes, we all have those moments where we just need some extra peace, a little escapism. Let me help you.

Are you familiar with music tuned to 432 Hz? Well according to some researchers, music tuned to 432 Hz, otherwise known as solfeggio or Verdi’s A, is considered a tuning that gives music a healing, positive quality — that unites the mind, and body in peaceful, positive harmony. It’s said that this music’s frequency aligns with our planet’s heartbeat. The jury is still out on what I believe when it comes to that, but I do know, that when I listen to music at that frequency, I feel calm, focus, relaxed.

Want to feel that calm while practicing safe social distancing? I’ve compiled this playlist, that has musical mantras, 432 Hz music, and ambient nature sounds. Listen to this playlist while you take a relaxing bath, use it as a point of focus during a meditation, while you read and work, or to help you fall into a deep, restorative sleep at night. And as always, let me know how it goes! I’ll be listening.





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