GlamTech: Meet Ringly

I keep my phone on vibrate. I have so many notifications, emails, texts, and calls, that a ubiquitous blinging noise would probably drive me nuts throughout the day if I kept the volume on high; not to mention the meetings that require quiet or, I just leave my phone in my purse. The problem with that? I miss the important notifications and calls from #bae often go unanswered when I’m away from my phone. The New York based tech company Ringly has a dope, fashionable answer to this problem I’m sure many share. 

Now I may (am) be on the late bus for this, but a girlfriend of mine just shared it over the weekend with me. Ringly is a ring that connects with your smart phone once you’ve downloaded the app, and vibrates on your finger based on how you’ve set up the importance of notifications within the app. Ex.: You’re waiting for an important email or call from a specific business or person, using four special vibration patterns and five different colors, Ringly will notify you when it comes through. You don’t have to be by your phone at all. Dope right? To top it off, they don’t look purposefully techy. The rings come in a wide range of stones and metals. I just pre-ordered mine in Daydream Rainbow Moonstone.


– Angel 


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