• Don’t Panic.

    I’ve become a cryer. A sniveling, sentimental, cryer. As ridiculous as that sounds I’m owning up to it.

    In my past, in relationships, friendships, nothing could make me cry. But as I delve into older adulthood, comfortably in my late twenties, things that wouldn’t have made a difference to me in the past, losing people, some tense situations, make me cry. At first I wondered if this emotionalism was a sign of weakness. At first I wondered if I lost my muscle, if I’d changed. But then I realized crying is just as human as laughing, as yelling, as moaning. It’s the physical embodiment of how you’re feeling and although every situation doesn’t call for it – don’t let anyone denigrate you, or make you feel bad for expressing yourself through tears. It’s a language God understands. It means your HUMAN. Who wants to be a robot, or be with a robot? 

    Don’t panic if you cry. Don’t panic if you feel overwhelmed with the business of living. CRY. Let that shit out. Then get over it, for good. For me, crying is a release, a catharsis. Once I’ve had that one GOOD BIG cry, it’s like the emotions of the situation have poured out, and I’m whole again. 

    I share this personal bit of me with you because I’ve come to understand that even though I can be a secretive, very introverted person, sharing my experience is what makes me relatable. It’s what gives me the ability to reach you. I hope to update TheAngelEra.com WAY more in 2015. It’s my baby. 

    In the mean time, tell me what makes you cry? 

    – Angel 



    1. Victor
      January 10, 2015 / 3:49 am

      Honestly, the thought of losing my loved ones would make me cry….

      Love your work by the way, eager to see the doc when it’s complete

    2. January 29, 2015 / 12:49 am

      Im just happy your BACK.

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