It’s Getting Warm! Spring Road Trips & Travels From Charm City

Besides the monsoon that wen’t down yesterday, it’s been heating up to sundress weather in my beautiful hometown of Baltimore, MD. You know us b-more folks love to get out, eat crabs and hang by the harbor when it gets warm, but what about a good ‘ol road trip from Charm City to say, the Delaware Coast? Or perhaps tapping into your hippy side at a festival like the Charm City Folk & Blue Grass Fest? Well if you’re looking for something fun to do with your boo, friends, or family, check out this quick starter guide on day trips…

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Chicago to Europe for $99? Yezzir.

Well hell yes! Bargain airline, WOW Air announced new flights from O’Hare International Airport to Europe (specifically Reykjavík, Iceland) starting at $99 bucks one way starting July 2017! And if Iceland is too much of a travel fad for you right now, for $50 and $149 bucks extra you can hop skip and jump to countries like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Copenhagen, and Berlin among many. Feeling a little bougie on a budget? You can also get a WOW Biz seat (their equivalent to business/first class) for $355 one way, which isn’t bad at ALL considering your butt is hoping an international flight with…

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I’m Exploring the American Southwest.

Untapped, raw, and exotic in it’s barren, almost alien beauty – the American southwest was once the land of thousands of indigenous Native Americans. It’s beauty only beholden to the masses once the American federal government sent a survey lead by Lt. George M. Wheeler. Legendary photographer Timothy O’Sullivan, captured the entire ordeal, and gave Americans their first glimpse into the wild, wild, west. While other photographers explored this land as well, I chose O’Sullivan because he refused to romanticize the plight of soon to be displaced indigenous people. He photographed them as they were, sans tribal costume and western primitive stereotype. Why…

The Grand Canyon to Zion National Park, Navajo medicine men to the best tacos this side of the Rio Grande. Come with me as I explore the American southwest.

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Wanna Get Away? New Zealand Will Give You a Free Trip

If you’re like me, and millions of other Americans, this administration has you in a political funk you just can’t seem to climb out of. Every day there’s new legislation that induces more (rightful) righteous indignation from the people. Can you blame us? Blah. We all need a vacation and New Zealand may have a permanent offer you can’t pass up! The tech industry in Wellington, New Zealand is booming, and looking for 100 uber talented software developers, creative directors, analysts, product managers, and digital strategists. To entice the most talented 100, LookSee is hosting a “global talent attraction programme” in…

We all need a vacation and New Zealand may have a permanent offer you can't pass up!

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Travel News Rundown: 10 Best Airlines, New Routes & Get Paid to Travel

ab1d I often find myself browsing Google and Black Twitter (yes) for travel news, new hotels, flight deals, etc. and of course wishing they were all in the same place. To alleviate my travel news agita (and maybe yours), I’ve decided to do a weekly roundup of links from around the net. Got a link you think I should add? Let me know! Wanna Get Away? These Airlines Are Adding New Routes. No Soul Plane Please: These Are (allegedly) the Best and Worst Airlines in America. “The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Travel 2017″. Mega-Brand Virgin to Open New Hotel…

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