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The busier I get, the more important it is to me to make sure I’m stress free, focused, and relaxed while I work and travel. If you know me, or my work, or even if you don’t, you’ll realize that I travel a lot. Whether I’m on the road for work filming, or traveling with Bobby back and forth during the off-season, it isn’t always convenient to take a nap or reset with meditation. When I partnered with Philip Stein, I had my so

Their watches and accessories feature this super dope science called Natural Frequency Technology. To put it plainly, their accessory work like a natural homing beacon for the positive, beneficial frequencies that surround us, and helps directly tune them to our bodies so that we can perform our best with more energy and vitality. To top it off, their watches our so stylish and edgy.

I’m an eternal pessimist, a see it/try it before I believe it type of girl, so before I wrote about this I tested the watch out myself for 72 hours. Living in Illinois, where the sun often doesn’t shine, getting that good Vitamin D energy from the sun is tough, without it you feel sluggish and a bit lethargic. After wearing the watch, I honestly felt more focused, less sluggish in the morning, and ready to face the day. It’s like someone put a little battery in my back. They’ve even done, and continue to do scientific studies to back up their claim. Stein did a double blind study with Neurokinetics Institute in Canada and at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida where results showed improved balance, ocular focus and a reduced feeling of lightheadedness when standing up abruptly. Basically they can back their technology up, which being a journalist who’s all about facts, thats super important to me. Want to snag a watch or bracelet for yourself? Using the discount code AngelEraPS, you’ll get 10% off of any purchase.

Because I appreciate y’all for sticking with my blog for the past five years, I’ll be giving away a Philip Stein Horizon Bracelet, it features the same technology I just told you guys about. To enter to win, you have to do the following:

1) Like my sweepstakes post on Instagram,
2) Comment on the sweepstake post by tagging 2 friends
3) Follow Philip Stein (@PhilipStein) on Instagram and their latest post

I’ll be choosing the winner at random by next Tuesday, April 24 and sending the bracelet out right away! Good luck!




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