Sigh | Hoppin’ on the Insanity Bandwagon

Let’s face it. At some point, we all bull sh*t about our gym routine unless hittin’ the treadmill has already been apart of our everyday life – or we went through some type of fitness epiphany. Well this is mine. In my life personally, I’ve been able to pretty much skate by being a fitness fanatic, or not going to the gym at all because of genetics. 

Exhibit A, my mom: 

My mom was the undisputed curve queen when she was my age (27). She was a curvy, thick-thighed, small waisted juggernaut. I inherited my mom’s body type, and hence, it’s kind of difficult for me to gain a bunch of weight in my waist area, but my hips and thighs are fair game. Why is this a problem you ask? Because the sh*t can get out of control! And as I get older, I notice, that I HAVE to go to the gym to keep it under control. Now this isn’t some NYE resolution sh*t. Nor am I posting thirst trap pics. I just decided once and for all, to get a handle on my curves, and try for a six pack summer. Enter Insanity

I’ve seen so many people do it. Try and succeed, try and fail. And the reason I’m sharing my Insanity journey with you is because I want to make sure and hold myself accountable. Below, you’ll see my before and after pics (no filter, lol), and throughout the weeks, 60 days to be exact, I’ll post updates. And let me be honest. I’ve tried to start this program, like, twice. And dropped the ball. Like. Did it a week or two theeeeen forgot to do it. Literally. No bueno.

Is anyone else doing Insanity? Let me know!

– Angel