A Festival Flower Crown DIY

It’s festival season folks! Coachella, Broccoli City FestBonnaroo, Lollapalooza, the list goes on. I love to take any opportunity I can to dress up in what wouldn’t be normally acceptable in everyday life. So you’ll see me decked out for Halloween, Christmas, Easter (yes, Easter) and of course, festivals. The must-have accessory for any dope girl when it comes to festival apparell is a flower crown!

I’m crafty, and love anything customized, so I thought this year instead of buying a generic flower crown that I’d see everyone with at the festivals, I’d make one myself. It was simple enough so, thought I’d share my knowledge with you.


Silk, velvet or whatever faux flowers (I bought mine from Michaels) 
Florist wire
Florist tape
Heavy gauge floral wire
Wire cutters
Thumb thimble (optional) 

Measure the heavy gauge floral wire to fit around your head, leaving about an inch of give. Set that aside.

Once you have your flowers, cut the heads, but include about 2 – 3 inches of stem. Gather the single flowers in bundles of about 3 – 4, then wrap then with the florist wire tightly. You may want to use the thumb thimble here because the florist wire is kind of sharp at the end. Make about 10 – 20 bundles (depending on how big your head is) and set them aside.

Take the little bundles, and wrap them onto the heavy gauge florist wire sideways. Stack them one on top of the other going around the circle until you’re at the end of your wire. 

Once you’re at the end of the wire, re-measure it around your head, and use the florist tape to secure the end of the wire, wrapping it around the ends to connect the two tightly. Take your remaining bundles and place them on top of the closure, wrapping them with the florist wire.

You’re done! Happy festival flower crowning!

– Angel