Love & Live the Luxury of Anonymity – Some Inspiration

Ambition, creativity and success – adjectives that in our minds should all run together in succession. Somehow to us they’re co-dependent. Have one, have all three. As creativites we tend to believe that whatever we put out should be met with success, recognition and praise, and when it’s not, I’d say 90% of us quit. But it is that time in the beginning, when you’re finding yourself, your voice, your style, your influence – that you are allowed to f*ck up.

Try new things, take chances, step into uncomfortability, live in the space of actually being yourself – creating what you love and are passionate about, loving the luxury and freedom of anonymity.

Live in that space until you transcend it – and when you do you’ll know. You won’t look for those three adjectives because they will be who your ARE. I guess Ira Glass agrees.

– Angel 

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