Only Do It If You Love It

Two thousand sixteen (2016) will mark my 10th year as a working, professional journalist, not a “cut and paste” journo as my good friend and fellow journo Jawn Murray would call it, haha. I’ve been grinding, busting my a*s, shedding blood, sweat, and tears, and giving a song to those who don’t have a voice to tell their story, or the eyes to see the world’s reality, I’ve shed light, I’ve entertained, I’ve infuriated, and now, I’ve come to a real turning point in my career.

A lot of folks get into professions that are in front of the camera or in the entertainment/news industry not because they have the passion for it, but because they want the glamour, and fame, they want all the goodness that comes after years of hard work. They aren’t willing to wake up at 3AM for a pre-set then work 18 hour shoot days, or get told off, demeaned, and belittled by directors nah. They won’t put in the work.  Let me tell you my friends, this sh*t ain’t easy. As strong as I am, as much pride as I have, I’ve been humbled by this business. I’ve been an intern, a PA, an A.P., a producer, a senior producer, a coffee retriever, a lighting specialist, a hair fluffer, an ego booster, talent, reporter, director, I live and die for this sh*t, and that’s literally the only way you can truly make it in this profession – wait – not just this profession, in whatever you choose to do. I’m sure you’ve seen that meme floating around on IG that says, “You can’t cheat the grind.” 

I may not have kids, or a husband, but my career has been both. And that may seem sad, but the love of journalism and my family has sustained me, it’s filled my creative cup. It’s kept me up at night, it’s made me lose friends, gain friends – part with men who didn’t understand or respect my ambition. It’s been a pathetic fallacy that I am not willing to part with – and now, as my first decade of this love is coming to a close, I’m excited for the next chapter. To grow my production company, to create new series, host new shows, network anew and refuel this love of mine for the profession thats been a burden, a friend, a lover, and a constant for almost a decade. You won’t get it if you don’t feel passionate about something like I do.

I hope everyone can find something that’s as important to you, that’s your passion, that you can tell the world about, learn from, and grow with. But listen, don’t do it for the ‘gram, only do it if you love it.

– Angel