Introducing #ManifestFriday: Friday 1

I’m really blessed to have some very positive, spiritual, and Godly (because there’s a difference) friends in my circle. They encourage me to stay positive, pray, do affirmations, and manifest what I want/need in my life. After living in a new city for a year or so to the date, I’ve really and truly started to understand how important it is to have a tribe of positive people around you, those who reflect who you want to be in life, and what you want out of it. Those sayings, ‘you are who you attract,’ and ‘you are the sum total of the people in your circle, couldn’t be truer. I didn’t get it until I found myself hundreds and hundreds of miles away from my real ones.

Although I’ve always been somewhat of a lone ranger, my friends from where I’m from are the same way, but our hearts meet in the middle where our similarities converge: a love of God, a fervent passion for career success, ambitious, positivity, a little ratchness, a little bougie, loyal. When I moved from the DMV to the Midwest, I found myself surrounded by a group of women that were completely different than I was use to, in many ways I couldn’t get with, but I tried, really hard, to be kind and accommodating, not my usual standoffish self. I threw my “no new friends” BS out the window. But some of their ways, some of their cattiness, their boredom with their life that translated into an incessant need to talk about folks/situations they didn’t know, I felt that negativity begin to ooze into me. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t all like that. But after experiencing three or four that were? I was done.

My home friends checked me. I love them, I needed that. I took a step back and realized that you can be around people, but not of them. I changed my attitude and my mindset, and the second I did, I found friends here who I’ll love for life. Godly, career driven, positive, real, a little ratch like me. A little bougie like me. As women, we’re constantly evolving, changing, and isn’t that the essence of life?

If I’m manifesting positivity why write about it you ask? I’m a writer, a creative, and this is my way of letting it out. I’m human and we all get caught up in the petty, lose focus, this is my way of putting that behind me. I decided to start #ManifestFriday because it’s important to me to embody who I want to be for real. To consciously bring goodness to myself, and those around me. To be of the light, not the dark, to make sure I’m not who I despise. To stay ambitious, to keep my hands in the Lord’s hands. To manifest little miracles and victories. So from now on, every Friday, I want us to share in this experience together. To practice gratitude and manifestation. I’ll tell you mine, you tell me yours. So here we go:

Friday, April 20, 2018, I’m manifesting career success, an increase in my personal and business bank account, bodily vitality for me and my love Bobby, and positive people around me, in Jesus name.

I’m grateful for new beginnings, new career opportunities, the health of my family and friends, specifically my dad Marvin, my sister Ingrid, and my niece Aeirss, and the health and strength of my love Bobby.

What are you manifesting this Friday? What are you grateful for? Let me know.