An oasis, nestled between desert and mountain landscapes. Sharp white walls, intricately adorned arches, large, heady domes, lush olive trees surrounding an endless still pool, and Islamic-style architecture — all taking you back in time to the resplendent grandeur and beauty of those early century palaces of Arabian sultans. Oh, and I did I mention you can still get snatched while on vacation here? LOL. Welcome to Palais Namaskar, the Marrakech, Morocco based luxury wellness hotel. Since it opened it’s doors in only 2012, it’s been named Best Hotel in Africa among many other accolades.

The Grounds:
I could mention the the gorgeous architecture (which I already did), the on-sight wellness consultant, the personalized fitness coaching and sensual spa therapies, but would you be interested in that? Who wouldn’t! Not only can you venture outside and enjoy the culture, food, and people of Marrakech, but staying here is an experience in itself.

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The Rooms:
The 41 rooms, suites, villas and palaces — yes palaces, feature a design that centers around the five elements; earth, wind, water, fire, and ice. With plunge pools, still pools, open fireplaces, and lush greenery covering your bathroom walls, you may forget which century you’re in. The room prices per night range anyway from $380 per night for a Superior Room to a whopping $8,600 for an entire “Water Palace“. Oh! Did I mention they have a world class spa using only organic products for a “sensory experience” like no other? Oh, okay.

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Now that you’ve seen the luxurious eyegasm that is the Palais Namaskar, I’m sure you’re still wondering what the Arabic word in my title is? Well, شكرا means “shukran” (shoo-krahn), or “thank you.” As in, thank me later when you book this joint.

As always, let me know if you go!