Wanderlust of the Week: Verana Hotel in Yelapa, Mexico

Any place where you have to take a 3 hour plane ride, and then a drive, and then a 30 minute boat ride, and then a mule, yes mule ride up to location? You know it must be exotic. Enter the beautiful, bucolic Verana Hotel in the fishing village of Yelapa, Mexico.

With a rustic yet modern aesthetic the 8 individual guest rooms known as “V-houses” were designed by Heinz Legler. Each room at the Verana features plush bedding, and stunning views of the Caribbean sea from their high perch atop the Yelapa hillside. Though secluded, this luxurious hotel features and infinity pool, spa, restaurants and a yoga hut. Although you have to take a boat to get here, with the 5 star food and personalized amenities, you won’t want to get back to the mainland anytime soon.

Imagine having Cinco de Mayo here? Enjoy the photos above!

– Angel


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