Luxe Living in the Forest

For about 200,000 years now, human beings have ran roughshod on forests and natural dwellings, once home to a myriad of flora and fauna. Deforestation it’s called. We come in, hack down trees that in some cases have taken hundreds of thousands of years to build, and replace them with crude, ugly a*s suburban strip malls, factories that undoubtedly have contributed to holes in the ozone layers, thus, global warming, and cookie-cutter single family home neighborhoods.

This is bad. And I’m not saying we aren’t suppose to live, but we could build along side forests, rather than decimate them. Clearly Denmark architect student Konrad Wójcik agrees. 

Scene: Imagine an old forest full of luscious, overpowering pines. You’re driving on the road next to these gorgeous monstrosities when you noticed some peculiar, isosceles triangle shaped buildings peeking between trees. Strange yet incandescent, the homes are outfitted with an entire wall of solar panels, bio digesters (which turns any waste into power) and heat pumps that draw energy from the ground. Warmly lit and inviting, you realize these are homes, and, how can you get one? 

These tree-shaped homes are the environmentally conscious imaginings of Wójcik’s “Primeval Symbiosis.” He designed these homes in an effort to not only save people’s nerves from the noise and congestion of the city, but hopefully propose homes who’s carbon footprint is far less than that of mcmansions and apartment buildings of today. Made from a lightweight wooden frames, the homes would have timber pole that runs up the middle of the house, supporting the weight, and possessing enough space for 2 – 4 inhabitants. 

These homes are TOO dope. Count me in to be one of the first to own one of these bad boys if they go into production. Learn more about them below.

– Angel