INTV: The Angel Era & Pusha T

It’s easy to become homogenized in hip hop. As mainstream as rap has become, product endorsements, pop collaborations and sell-out-isms are rampant – why? Because it’s an easy way to make money, and the most feasible, considering artists make most of their dough these days not from record sales, but from touring and corporate dollars. One rapper who’s stayed true to his hip hop credo however is Pusha-T. caught up with Pusha-T as he rolled through Washington D.C. to perform at EchoStage. Listen to his thoughts on staying real in hip hop, why we should honor rap icons right along side other Black’s in history, and info on his new effort, King Pusha

Shot, directed and edited by Gary Williams & Trevelle for MRGMXMM. 

– Angel