Is Self-Care Finally Here to Stay?

It seems like social media has a new buzzy word every time you look up, right? From “yolo,” to “on fleek,” to “vibez,” we’re always catching on to something, and spreading it faster than wild fire. One buzz I’m happy to see is here, and I hope doesn’t go anywhere? The trend of committing to “self-care.” While indulgent baths, and quiet-time have been around for literally centuries, the idea of lounging, being helpfully introspective, and mindful have thankfully finally crept in the American psyche. Because you see, a mentor from India once told me, that countries internationally are so quick to invest in America and it’s businesses, and workforce because they know we never take a break, never rest, barely vacation; we’re born, and bred to work 24/7, and basically denigrated by our peers and boss alike if we don’t. Wouldn’t you invest in an engine that never stopped running? The world literally bets on us because we don’t take care of ourselves. This has never been a good thing, and we’re just finding out.

Burn out, increased anxiety, and depression are far too common among generation like Millennials, Generation Z, and on down. More now Drink Teathan ever, we have to keep up with the Joneses, work ourselves to death, and oh yeah, be fleeky, and fly while doing it. Now that we’re all forced to be inside, we’ve been forced to slow down, and by no choice of our own, have found ourselves wanting. Last year, thanks to my therapist, (yes, I have one, and she’s just as important as my primary care physician, mental health is wealth) I started taking time for myself as a measure to quiet my busy, anxiety-ridden mind. I started taking essential oil bubble baths, began a meditation practice, went back to school to become a wellness coach, and meditation teacher, began practicing mindfulness in every facet of my life. I read more, I got off of Instagram 5 days out of the week. I stopped answering my phone after 9:00p, I took Tai Chi classes, I began listening to wellness, and mindfulness podcasts, I started journaling. The list goes on. All of these before, in my previous career as a TV producer, red carpet host, entertainment journalist etc., I would have absolutely found these things too indulgent, and too time-consuming to let happen. But thank you Lord for that intervention. I found my mind quieter, I was less mad at people, things looked, (yes looked!), more beautiful, I became more at peace with myself. I then realized that self-care was an essential towards personal happiness.

It’s crazy if you really think about it, that we haven’t invested more in the personal care of our own, actual, selves. So during this time, even if you’re stressed about when we’ll be introduced to our new normal — when outside will open up — feel good about self-care. Indulge yourself with what you have. I hope this buzz word is here to stay. I know I’d like to live, and raise a family in a society where the folks are a little more relaxed.

Here are some self-care ideas that you can do for free, or on a budget while you mindfully, socially distance.

Thank me later, and tell you how feel.




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