Is That You Wakanda?: Visit Singita Lebombo Lodge

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Scene set: A lush oasis of flora and fauna, emerald sweeping plains, gentle beasts with long trunks and floppy ears and slow rippling tides of N’wanetsi River – straight out of some fantastical fairytale. You’re sitting above the bucolic scene, drink in hand – mind racing at the prospect of your South African safari adventure to come.

Welcome to Singita Kruger National Park in South Africa. You’re staying at the luxurious Singita Lembombo Lodge found on the south eastern reaches of the Kruger National Park, on South Africa’s border with Mozambique. Situated on the hills of the property’s 33,000 acres, the hotel and park itself is committed to environmentalism, and a minimal carbon footprint – even with the luxurious expeditions that take place there.

With tons of activities including Land Rover safaris, guided bush walks, stargazing safaris, game drives, mountain biking and more – you won’t want to leave, that is, if you can tear yourself away from you’re gorgeous lodging. OH – and did I mention that it’s all inclusive? Yup, booze, bush, biking, laundry and valet. Have I sold you yet?

– Angel