Taking a Stand: United, American and Frontier Airlines Refuse to Fly Separated Immigrant Children

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have purposefully decided to ignore the political and social upheaval that our current administration has caused by creating some terribly questionable enforcement of their zero tolerance immigration policy, then you don’t know that the Trump’s U.S. Immigration Policy is resulting in the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border. These sweet, innocent babies who’ve been wrenched from the hands of those parents, who obviously risked bringing them to the United States for the chance of a better life and upward mobility, are being put in what pretty much amounts to internment camps for kids, I’m sorry let me be politically correct, they’re being sent to “foster care” or are in “government custody”. The parents are sent to jail for eventual deportation and criminal prosecution. Smfh.

Migrant Seperation
(John Moore / Getty Images)

It actually isn’t even a policy for Border Patrol to separate children and parents, the administration just decided to use a loophole in the immigration policy language where folks who come here illegally must be arrested and criminally prosecuted, there by, having the necessity to take the kids. But what’s happening? Parents are being put on a plane back to their country without their children. Which brings us to the reason for this post.

United, American, and Frontier Airlines have all released statements saying they would not fly immigrant parents or children who’ve been separated back to their origin countries.

This is the time for politicians and we, who elect them, to take a real, comprehensive look at this country’s immigration policy, and whether or not it represents the values we purport to stand for. I don’t need to be cliche and say that we’re a country of immigrants. We know this, man. But let’s act like it, and have the policy reflect the freedom and ideals that immigrants have woven into the fabric of this country with their (our) culture, innovation, worth ethic, and leadership.

Moments like these make me understand two things: one, there is no limit to the atrocity people will inflict on each other in the name of power. And two? In our darkest, most seemingly disappointing moments, we often find our humanity. And for a business to divest from the government, albeit partially? Which is tantamount to what these airlines have just done, is pretty dope. For folks of different races, creeds, sexes etc. to unite behind snuffing out of evil? Is even doper. I’m here for a kumbaya moment these days. Now let’s get back to fighting for racial economic equity and dreaming about wanderlust worthy vacations.

Let me know what you think about the issue.