Wanna Get Away? New Zealand Will Give You a Free Trip

If you’re like me, and millions of other Americans, this administration has you in a political funk you just can’t seem to climb out of. Every day there’s new legislation that induces more (rightful) righteous indignation from the people. Can you blame us? Blah. We all need a vacation and New Zealand may have a permanent offer you can’t pass up! The tech industry in Wellington, New Zealand is booming, and looking for 100 uber talented software developers, creative directors, analysts, product managers, and digital strategists.

To entice the most talented 100, LookSee is hosting a “global talent attraction programme” in Wellington, NZ; a week of pre-arraigned job interviews, meet-ups with fellow techies and tours of Wellington, for free, if you fit the criteria. And hey, if you’re smart, you’ll see what other fun New Zealand excursions you can dip off to while you’re there.

Sounds like you? Then strap your tech boots on, get that resume and those referrals poppin’ before March 20! Good luck, and if you go, pack me in your suitcase!




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